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How to Prepare for Another Facebook Outage

It’s Monday morning. You wake up, crawl out of bed, make your morning coffee, park up and pull out your phone to open Facebook, but wait ... theres nothing. So you think to

yourself; I’ll just go on Instagram then, but thats not loading either. Confused about what's going on... you go to message your friend about it but Facebook messenger isn’t working either. 

As most of you would be aware, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp crashed on Monday morning and took 6 hours to get the platform up and running again. The outage came as a massive shock to the online world but specifically to those who rely solely on these platforms to run their businesses.

In this article, I will discuss some ways to avoid being reliant on Social Media and how to prepare for possible outages in the future. Every business manages its marketing differently. Some may have in-house marketers working full time and some may hire marketing agencies to do the work for them. Either way, it's essential to have a marketing strategy set up.

Marketing strategies range for different companies but most involve setting company values, brand messaging, goal setting and eventually laying out a plan for a specified time. Within this plan, it is suggested to make a contingency plan if there is an outage. Having a strategy will give you something to go off if unexpected events occur. 

Some businesses focus on social media, some on email marketing and some on their

website design. The smart ones use a mix of them all. This creates a safety barrier for them if one were to unexpectedly drop away. If you only focus on one aspect of marketing, you risk having nothing if something unexpected happens. Much like this outage.

Businesses that solely relied on social media, struggled as they lost all contact with any potential customers. So, if you are a business that focuses solely on one aspect, think about expanding to create yourself a safety barrier. One of the best things you can do is build a database. A database is a home for all your potential customers. This is where you keep any important information. One example of this would be to have all your followers on Instagram in your database. Either through a lead magnet or a low-cost entry point offer. So, if there was another crash, you would have the information you need to send out the appropriate marketing material.

Another option is your website. Having an updated and well laid out website is crucial to

survive and thrive online. Although people may explore you on social platforms, a website is the safest place for people to go. You have full control over how it runs, looks and the experience of the customer. When Instagram went down, someone may have been researching your business intending to follow through with a purchase. However, when they went to purchase something through Instagram, it crashed. They couldn’t find you anywhere else online, so they went on their way.

This is where having a website would be perfect asthey could then continue to follow through with the purchase without hassle. There are many other ways to prepare for another outage in the future. The ones I have discussed are some of the simplest steps you can take to give your business a safety net for any unexpected events that may come your way. This can all seem daunting at the beginning but remember, you can always get help from the professionals.

Written by Arny Ruegg

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