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The (simplified) Process of Facebook Ad Campaigns

As you probably already know, Facebook is the world’s largest social network. To be precise, 2.89 billion users as of the second quarter of this year. That’s a lot of people. This is why Facebook advertising is a great way to connect with your audience. Facebook allows you to run what is called Facebook ad campaigns. A Facebook ad campaign is a series of ad sets and ads that aim to accomplish a single objective.

Ad campaigns look different for everyone as each business has its own objectives. Ad campaigns must be designed specifically for each business to reflect it's brand and goals. This can seem daunting to tackle on your own. This is where marketing agencies can be useful. Marketing agencies work with businesses to create and manage ad campaigns. They specialize in helping businesses achieve their marketing goals. There is a process that these agencies go through to provide your business with the best results. It’s handy to understand the process that goes on behind the scenes when working with marketing agencies. Follow along to see a simplified version of what happens when you work with an agent to run an ad campaign.

1. Set goals

Before jumping into creating an ad campaign, you must decide on a goal that reflects what kind of results you want to be seeing at the end. Therefore, it is important to choose a campaign objective that aligns with your goal. Your agent will help you decide on an appropriate objective.

There are three categories of objectives:

Awareness (including brand awareness and reach) – You want people to hear about you or a new launch

Consideration – You want people to be interested in buying your brand.

Conversion – You want people to click the ad and carry out a specific action.

The next step is where you and your agent will decide how long the campaign will run for. This will then help you determine your budget. There are two types of budgets when using Facebook ads;

Lifetime Budget - A total amount of money you want to spend for the duration of the campaign.

Daily Budget - Choose a daily limit that you are willing to spend for the duration of the campaign.

Once you and your agent have decided what type of budget you will use, you must set a limit of how much you want to spend. The agent will set this up on your Facebook Ad Account.

3. Provide a brief with keywords and design criteria

This stage is where you will present your ideas to the agent in the form of a brief. This can be as detailed or simple as you choose. A brief consists of keywords, messages, colours and/or images and anything else that you want to include in your ads. This gives the agent an idea of how to design the ads to meet your needs and the campaign objective.

4. Agent designs ads

The agent will then take your brief away and design a set amount of ads for you. You will then have the opportunity to give feedback to the agent and suggest any changes if necessary. Do be aware that agents may cut down on some of the information you provide. This is because their job, at the end of the day, is to help you achieve your campaign objective. Sometimes, ads that look too busy can scare people away rather than pull them in.

5. Agent sets up campaign and goes live

Once you and the agent agree on the ad designs and the copy that goes with it, the campaign will be ready to go live! You will have to give access to the agent to your ad account and they will do the rest!

6. Track success

The fun doesn't end there though! You can follow the success of the campaign as it runs its course. Simply log into your Facebook Ad Account and view the results. Depending on your objective, your measurement of results may change. Your agent can help you to understand the results. When the campaign has run its course, you are then able to view reports and look at the success of your campaign. Again, if you need help understanding what these reports mean, ask your agent.

That brings us to the end of the process. Remember, this is only a simplified version of the process as every business is different. Sometimes it can get a little more complicated depending on your marketing goals. However, this is the simplified version of what goes on behind the scenes when running an ad campaign with a marketing agency.

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